Alpha Cognition Inc. Announces Granted EU Patents and Orphan Drug Designation for its Progranulin Platform

May 12, 2020

Vancouver, BC (Canada) May 12, 2020 –Alpha Cognition Inc. (ACI), a clinical stage biotherapeutics company, announced today it has been granted two EU patents (EP2249861A1 and EP3009143A1) relating to the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases using progranulin. Additionally, the FDA, has granted ACI Orphan Drug Designation for its progranulin product platform for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Alpha-602, progranulin, is a protein that has a potent ability to protect neurons that are under stress. In pre-clinical studies, ACI has demonstrated that progranulin can correct the cellular defects caused by the altered patterns of proteins in motor neurons. ACI is developing a specific form of progranulin, called Alpha-602, for the treatment of ALS patients.

ACI’s growing list of granted patents now includes two more in Europe. These patents relate to methods and compositions for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases using progranulin, and methods of treatment of neurodegenerative diseases using effectors, or combinations of effectors, that modify progranulin expression.

The Orphan Drug Act (ODA) provides special incentives for the development of treatments for rare diseases, such as ALS. For a drug to qualify for orphan-drug designation both the drug and the disease must meet certain specified criteria. In Q1 of 2020, the FDA granted orphan-drug designation to Alpha-602 for the treatment of ALS. Alpha-602, is currently advancing through pre-clinical development and toxicology programs.

ACI’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Denis Kay, stated, “These granted patents, together with the orphan-drug designation, mark significant milestones in the clinical development path of Alpha-602 for the treatment of ALS.”

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About Alpha Cognition Inc. – Alpha Cognition Inc. (ACI) is engaged in neurological disease research and has developed

programs in Alzheimer’s Disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

  • Alpha-1062 is a patented new chemical entity that has shown efficacy in preclinical and recently completed human clinical trials. It is being developed as a new generation acetylcholine esterase inhibitor (AChEI) with minimal gastrointestinal side effects and new routes of administration. Alpha-1062’s active metabolites are differentiated from donepezil and rivastigmine in that they may sensitize neuronal nicotinic receptors, most notably the alpha-7 subtype, which is known to have a positive effect on cognition.
  • Alpha-602 (Progranulin) is a natural protein that is expressed in several cell types in the central nervous system and in peripheral tissues. Alpha-602 regulates cell survival and certain inflammatory processes. The protein plays a major role in regulating lysosomal function and microglial responses to disease. Its use in the treatment of ALS has been patented by ACI.

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